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BaseBrand Software...

Gives you back your
creative independence.
Share, moderate
and approve
Set user groups,
and access
Edit lockdown,
and export

BaseBrand Software...

Saves you time, money
and resources
With BaseBrand our purpose is to make your life easier by helping you to protect and manage your brand. We are different and not like any other asset manager because we offer much more!

BaseBrand is a browser based full editing suite which allows any size of business or organisation the ability to create, edit and collaborate right across the wide marketing spectrum. Whether its print, digital, social or even animation BaseBrand does it all.

If you are just starting out or an already well established business, there will be a marketing element within BaseBrand which will be right for you.

BaseBrand empowers individuals and marketing teams - giving them back control of all their marketing activity. Brand automation is an integral part of BaseBrand and will eliminate that perpetual back & forward between client and agency - imagine the savings in time and money!

BaseBrand will police every element of your brand and guidelines ensuring that it is never distressed.

In essence, BaseBrand gives you more and allows you to do much more - and will revolutionise the way you handle every aspect of marketing.
Cut production and
artwork fees
Save time and money across the business - no need to outsource. Create and collaborate in real-time using our user friendly browser based editors.
Manage your future
BaseBrand streamlines your workflow like nothing else. Free up huge portions of your marketing time and budget to focus on compelling new narratives to engage your customers, and watch your brand grow.
Giving control back
Allowing marketers to market by giving them full control to create content on-brand. This will allow you to create, alter, approve and release campaigns faster to market.
No delays
Easy launch of campaigns and simple to update. Cuts time to market without risking brand quality. You can implement more campaigns without budget increases.
Protect your brand
No deviation at any time from brand guidelines. Always on-brand. You can lock down as many or as few elements of your creative artwork ensuring you brand is never diluted, mis-presented or damaged.
No Brand distress
Full approval control - straightforward workflows and detailed reporting system. Set up your brand rules and have no worries as BaseBrand will take it from there.

BaseBrand Software...

Brand automation - the future.
Marketers are becoming more aware of brand automation. But what it is?
Brand automation has the ability to use technology to automate certain elements of marketing activity. Implementing it will help to reduce brand inconsistencies, workflow bottlenecks and effectively handle the vast amount of creative collateral which is required for the ever changing marketing and communication platforms.

Whether you have design/software skills or not, brand automation will enable you to produce collateral on-brand. This will of course save you time and money.

Outsourcing production will become a thing of the past and return control to your marketing team.
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BaseBrand Software...

Don't mistake BaseBrand
for an asset manager.
Nothing else can do
what BaseBrand does.
Import, edit and convert
InDesign files
A huge populous of designers and graphic designers use primarily InDesign to create and maintain their artwork, this is down to InDesign's versatility.

At Base, we have brought that versatility and power of InDesign to the web! Our unique editor can import any InDesign file to allow all the necessary edits and manipulations to be done right there and then - we only recommend you use Google Chrome to access!
Import, edit and send
HTML campaigns
As versatile as the primary editor is, it still cannot cover all aspects of marketing. BaseBrand has broadened its horizons and brought it's brand aligning goals to the world of HTML eCampaigns.

Upload any HTML eCampaign to be edited freely - or at least free within the brand guidelines!
Create canvas based animations
The motion cherry to top the BaseBrand suite is the sequence editor - our newest brand maintaining tool.

This editor allows for a slick, user-friendly process in the creation of sequence animations primarily, though not strictly, with intent for web banners & adverts creation.
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